Chances are your company’s employees run the whole gamut from slackers who barely get their work done to fantastic hard workers who consistently surprise you with their passion and diligence. Every great boss wants to reward that top tier of employees for their dedication, but when it comes to separating the good from the best, the line can get a little blurred.

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Fortunately, there are a few things you can look for in those employees to identify the employees with the most value to your company. Here ae 5 traits every amazing employee has.

High Standards

Great employees go above and beyond to get the best results for the company. They have high standards for themselves and their work, and they hold the rest of the team to them as well. They treat the company as if it were their own, and their ambition and diligence inspire others to follow suit.


Standout employees bolster the rest of the team with their perpetually cheery demeanor. They’re upbeat, eager to learn, and are good at giving praise where praise is due. They spread positive energy all over the office.


Enthusiasm and passion have their place, but great employees will recognize a time and place for each and know which things should not be expressed publicly. Complaints and other negative opinions will be shared discreetly and with tact, not aired openly for the whole company to hear.


While you want an employee who is a team player, you also want someone who is capable of working well independently. The best employees take initiative and keep pace without you having to hold their hand and walk them through everything three times.


Every company has its problems, but the best employees take it upon themselves to find a solution. They research new innovations in their field and find ways to implement them in their own work without waiting to be assigned the task.

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