When it comes to filling an empty position, the candidate search process can seem endless and futile. For every qualified, interview-worthy candidate, there are dozens more applicants that seem close to perfect except for this or that missing skill. While they might be able to do the job, they may not have what it takes to really take your company to the next level. Here are some talent solutions to follow if you’re really looking to increase your company’s performance.

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Assess the Position

When looking to hire a new employee, start by evaluating what skills and talents the position requires. If the position was previously filled by another employee, consider what they brought to the table and what they lacked. Does the new employee need to possess one of these skills to truly shine in the position? What qualities should he or she not have? Identifying these skills early on in your search will help you narrow down applicants to a smaller pool of qualified candidates.

Diversify the Talent Pool

Research shows that companies with a woman on the board experience a 26 percent higher return on equity than those which do not include women in these position. With three or more women on the board, that return jumps to 53 percent. Think of how different perspectives can better your team.

Diversify the Hiring Committee

If you’re looking for diverse talent, you need diversity on the hiring panel. Include individuals from various departments, backgrounds and levels of expertise. Varied experiences mean a greater chance of spotting a the perfect hire.

Look in Unusual Places

if you’re finding all of your employees from the same source, your chances of finding truly unique perspectives are less than ideal. Branch out in your search. Don’t rely just on recruitment and talent search websites; consult your network. Are any of your contacts qualified for the job? Can they recommend someone for the position? Do they have any good tips on where to find great employees?

Use a Consultant

If your search still isn’t turning up the ideal candidate, consider using a hiring consultant. These professionals are trained in finding the best and brightest talent in countless fields of work, and are experts in matching candidates to the perfect positions.

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